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Brewery management Software Designed with Customers Since 1992

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Cask tracking module maintains an accurate record of all cask movements, including their contents, date out,  where they went, how long they are out and when they come back.

Every Invoice lists the serial number of each cask on premises. When a cask is scanned at the brewery it is returned to ‘available’ status. This is when the system can take into account failed deliveries and ullage, generating credit notes based on the invoice price and updates the duty calculation.

Brewery Management System

The movement of Gyles between different containers is completed in one screen with a few clicks of the mouse.  You can only fill empty containers and only with the recorded volume.

An accurate list of stock by type or by container, including non-returnable units is available at the touch of a button.  Full traceability of every Gyle and every container it used.


Load your annual brew volume, and duty is automatically calculated as each invoice is raised.  Check your duty summary when needed and at the end of each month print the duty report and the numbers are ready for HMRC.

The detail of every invoice and credit note can be exported to your accounts package.  Manage receipts and monitor the account status whilst in telesales or before you take an order.

A combination of several modules integrated to build a complete system, flexible to work how you work whilst, supplying the management reports required to run a successful brewery.

Organising sales, stock, casks, accounts and duty.


Keeping track of your customers, their contact details, their ordering history, their specific delivery requirements, all in one place.

Increase sales using the telesales module, always opens with today’s calls displaying the notes for each previous call, quick text inputs and call rescheduler.

Rapid order entry and straight to next call. Remote login supports home workers.


This has to be quick and easy, you can create an order at the click of a mouse in Customers or Telesales on all products: guest beers, cask, keg, bottle, can, non-returnable, merchandise, wet, food, miscellaneous and equipment. Schedule calls by day and time, add call backs, manage debt are a few of the key features in Telesales, Check stock against orders in the system. When planning deliveries include collections from non-delivery customers in your dray routing.