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The Cask Management Module in BMS cloud is the next step up from our Cask Tracking Package.  It integrates cask tracking into stock control, order management, invoicing and duty.  Ingredient and product traceability becomes easy, knowing which Gyle went into which cask, on which day, which customer it went to and how much duty is payable including sediment allowance.

Racking and bulk transfer of Gyles requires a few simple clicks and everything is automatically calculated so you know how much volume you have.  Recording which beer is where, how much you have and where it went is all done in the Gyle records.

Allocation of casks for delivery is simplified with barcodes and their CaskIDs are recorded on every invoice and allocated to the customer account for traceability and efficient recovery..  Check more detail on BMS cloud

* available on Cask Management

BMS cloud Cask Management

Each of your casks is valuable. This package helps you keep track of your actual casks: where they went and when. Each cask is permanently labelled, the system treats each of your casks as an individual item using the number stamped on the cask as the identifier.  The details of cask movements are collected into the scanner and uploaded into the tracking software in seconds.

Returning casks is simply a question of scanning the Cask Barcode label and "dropping" the information into the system.  No typing is involved! It's all point and click!

The software stores details about each cask including, delivery date and customer name.  Delivery label information includes; your logo and brewery name, customer name, beer, order number, delivery date, best before date and a text message.

For more details, or to arrange a demonstration at your brewery, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Our cask tracking system includes; software, portable scanner, barcode printer, enough permanent labels for every cask, starter stock of delivery labels, 30 days technical support.

If you wish to have the customer name and logo fields preloaded please email us and we will advise the file formats once we have received your payment.