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Brewery management Software Designed with Customers Since 1992

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Drop and Collection schedule

All the information from Manage Deliveries along with local collections is presented on the screen.  Giving a summary of each drop with: Pub address, delivery instruction, number of items and payment terms.

Signature Capture - Proof of Delivery

Once delivery is confirmed a Signature can be captured on the device and the name typed in, these are imprinted on the Invoice and a pdf copy is created.

Delivery Confirmation

Each drop has a list of the products for delivery, theh integrated scanner can be used to confirm delivery. Bottles and other non-returnable products have a qty box.

As a 3G phone running the  Android OS all Smartphone features are available, just add a SIM card.  Gorilla glass 5.5” display, Magnesium Shell.  Vehicle wireless charging dock available.

Bluetooth | GPS | Wifi | Apps

Email POD Invoices

Once the drop is complete the invoice can be emailed directly from the PDA to the customer’s accounts email address, with a copy to the brewery.  Each pdf is saved for download once back at the Brewery.

A rugged PDA to bring efficiency to deliveries

Key features are Proof of Delivery, cask collections and rugged design.  Email a signed PDF invoice from the point of delivery.  Collect payment by card using a third party app and scan back collections at the pub.

Proof of Delivery
Card Payment

Contact us for a demonstration or more information

09162 657110

Card Payment

Can be used to ensure payment is received for the goods delivered reducing the risk of bad debt.

Using a third party payment  app similar to iZettle or Paypal, card payments can be taken via a Wifi or 3G connection using their Pin pad to your account.


The list of outstanding casks shows their ageing, they can be scanned on collection using the integrated scanner. Notes can be added where required.

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